SPACE GARDEN – at C2 Contemporanea, Florence (Italia)

SPACE GARDEN, Firenze, 10 October – 9 November 2016,

C2 Contemporanea, in collaboration with C3 and Claudio Nardi Architects.


Space Garden is the meeting of an informal though deeply-intricated hypermedia group: Piotr Lutynski (sculptures and lightboxes) Marcin Gierat (photos and lightboxes), Lorenzo Brusci (music).


An adventurous transfer of artistic objects and systems into an ideal immersive cosmic space.

Space garden is an attempt to build a multidimensional space​,​  assuming there are no physical boundaries. There are no limits to the possibility of being in several places at once. This statement is true if we make another assumption, that time does not exist only ​in a linear form, and ​our ​meaning of space allows us to reach the most distant areas of the Universe. The result is the creation of a cosmic soup of intuitions, living emotions, friendly gestures, in order to obtain a primal clearly constructed form, a space garden, consisting of objects, photography and music created by Piotr Lutynski, Lorenzo Brusci and Marcin Gierat

​[Ita_ Space Garden è il tentativo di costruire uno spazio multidimensionale, assumendo che non esistono confini​​ fisici. Non ci sono limiti alle possibilità di essere in molteplici luoghi, simultaneamente. Questa affermazione si basa su un'altra assunzione, che il tempo non si dia solo in forma lineare, e il nostro significato di spazio ci permette di raggiungere le aree più distanti dell’Universo. Il risultato è la creazione di un brodo cosmico d’intuizioni, di viventi emozioni e gesti amichevoli, allo scopo di ottenere una chiara primordiale forma costruita, un giardino ​spaziale appunto, costituito di oggetti, fotografia e musica creati da Piotr Lutynski, Lorenzo Brusci e Marcin Gierat.]



Symbolic adventures are intense, dense, thick and often exclusive, as a good house, well built, well placed in the world, with its peculiar good food, inhabited by inspiring though well selected companies, and music, music able to follow the spirits of the place, spirits of the inside and of the outside, radical, emotional and metaphysical at once. Here we are, Lorenzo Brusci, Marcin Gierat e Piotr Lutynski, since 10 yers exploring a construction mode, made out of frequent meetings in Krakow, sometimes in Tuscany, exchanging artifacts and intuitions, exhibitions, performances, walking through material and grotesque clashes, crossing vibrant-now passions and detached multitemporal visions… always with in mind a new place to be given, imminent, fruitful, where our arts together became a living thought and a livable process, open and inviting. This is the time of Space Garden, a system of objects, organisms, analogies, physical states and concepts, live actions and sonic habitats, site specifically designed: if well fed and shared, it will power our process-making-mode for many years to come. A non-geographical metaphor, a fantastic place for fluid minds, bound to further more: a space garden in Florence. Where not-else?






space garden poster                                   Space Garden V2


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