MIGRATION METAMORPHOSIS _ Lorenzo Brusci Heinz Lieb _ on Attenuation Circuit / TIMET / 2018



[TIMET - THE HYBRIDS - Brusci Lieb]

.recorded at Heinz Lieb’ studios (Rorschach, CH), at Climnoizer’s studio (Berlin, DE), at Timet’s studio (Montevarchi, ITA), March-June 2015

.re-composed, post-produced and mastered between June and October 2015 in Montevarchi by Lorenzo Brusci at his sound studio (Montevarchi, ITA).



Lorenzo Brusci – Electronics, Live Electronics, Compositions

Heinz Lieb – Acoustical Percussions, Cosmic Drums, free improvisations

guest artist:    Luca Canciello (alias Climnoizer), Guitars on Mov. I / MIGRATION and on Mov. 3 / METAMORPHOSIS; Monophonic Synthetizer on Mov. II / ADAPTATION


MIgration on Attenuation Circuit, 2018 - http://www.attenuationcircuit.de

Migration – 1rst Mov.

Migration – 2nd Mov. 

Migration – 3rd Mov. 




The living tension to overcome given-obsessive-overwhelming realities



The fundamental process of any ideal Inclusive future.

We are allowed to still have

Driving Missions

Radical enough to design an alternative worldscape.

Metamorphing the unbearable present – The framing phrase of immanent violent depriving conditions

Leaving unchosen uncontrollable frustrations and humiliations

Delimited Unlimited Anxieties

Leading to certain self and collective destructions.

Dynamic and Open spacing        Is the only strategic policy

The solidarity factor         Is the only possible ecology.

Spacing justice is not a political choice, it’s an evolutionary necessity. We musically and expressively tried to intertwine the wills

Of being -adopting- -dancing with- anyone          Who suffers to be recognized, reborn, re-graced

As a human potential      A beauty sharer

A world maker.



Andavamo tutti come fosse una migrazione (1991)

by Giancarlo Majorino

 Andavamo tutti come fosse un’emigrazione

chi per acqua chi per terra, allarmati

notammo che un leone ci oltrepassava

ma era come quando nella tundra incendiata

fuggivamo insieme felini e prede uccelli e serpi

cos’era cosa poteva esser stato nulla ricordo

non fatti precisi non odor di bruciato migravamo

in ratti gusci motorizzati e caschi a piedi scalzi

da chi sa che mossi transitavamo nel piano sembrante discesa

così potevamo saremmo riusciti a scampare arrivare ansando entro

quando? in tempo e non contavano orario e luogo transitare

occorreva, altro corpo! snello basso e tozzo su quattro sciolte zampe

quasi una lotta di molte zampe gambe

una testa bianca tra colli di giraffe

sandali orme zoccoli nella sabbia

nel suo trotto a zig zag cinghiale irsuto

con famiglia a fianco bimbo su bici

gara di motocicli chiatte e scafi accanto

una universale processione forte respirante

sbandata ma diretta senza macchine da presa

o per quegli apparecchi occhialuti ritrasmessa

eravamo dentro pure per noi scorreva noi fissi davanti

cosa preoccupava il rinoceronte con intorno il vuoto?

la mandria pelosa che panicata quasi s’ingoiava?

la coppia remante arti e respiro sotto forte ipnosi?

il caduto rischiava tutto ma

capitava e dopo un grido d’aiuto

quasi tranquillizzato si chetava

trafitto schiacciato

trafitto schiacciato, per le mosche

i fastidiosi insetti non v’era tempo

di notarli, né i canterini uccelli

dardeggianti vi saranno stati

non era il momento di ricercarli non era il momento

andava come l’acqua un’acqua umana

e animale a non si sa che pozzo tentando

abbandonando non si sa che male


(english translation – basic version)

We all went as if it were an emigration

who for water who on the ground, alarmed

we noticed that a lion passed over us

but it was like when in the burnt tundra

we flew together felines and prey birds and snakes

what was it could have been nothing I remember

not precise facts, no smells of burned we migrated

in rats motorized shells and barefoot helmets

from who knows that moved we passed in the plan seeming descent

so we could have managed to escape getting panting by

when? in time and did not count the time and place to transit

it needed, another body! slender and squat on four loose legs

almost a fight of many paws legs

a white head between necks of giraffes

sandals footprints hooves in the sand

in his trotted zig zag boar hirsute

with family alongside child on bike

race of motorcycles barges and hulls next

a universal strong breathing procession

skid but direct without cameras

or for those retouched spectacles

we were inside, even for us, we were staring at each other

What worried the rhinoceros with the emptiness around?

the hairy herd that she panicked almost knelt?

the pair rowing limbs and breath under strong hypnosis?

the fallen risked everything but

it happened and after a cry for help

almost reassured, he knelt down

crushed pierced

crushed pierced, for flies

the annoying insects there was no time

not to notice them, nor the birds songbirds

darting will have been there

it was not the time to research them it was not the time

like human water, it was like water

and animal to it is not known which pit trying

abandoning you do not know which bad



MIGRATION _ Movement I   (41’: 30”)


Migranti_1     Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 23.33.31


- 00′:00″ – Aiming at ;  WISHING   [to; of];    MOoving ;   ga_the_ring      :

synchronising:       JOY   SScreaming   Crying   SSShaking    AT TO THAT THIS FOR FAR FEAR:

present  past:    ALL NOW ALL    IF WE WHAT WE IS IF ES_PAT_PLOT_pourPUThotpot_NALL!

THAT   necessary     TRANSFIGURATION.      GOING    Must   Must Must    Go   Intensity   aim :    GO AT      Identity               Shared            Mo(ve)Ment                          TERROR               MY(S)TICAL FEAR        MOTION_MENTAL

- 16’50” – The horizon isT     REVEALED            towards Ne(xs)T Nature:     Where:                existing is=a matter of         CONTINUITY    .individual.   .generational.           internal      ex-e-ternal.                   The forcing cycles of  RAGe IN:      Inner  Struggle.

- 24’:25” -         COM      MAMORY.       The ritual Mech:    a learning sess process.       WILL           condition for A.PLEASURE                                 POWER  Memory  Memory POWER  PLEASURE OF MEMORY_____  ______IF: WILL BE presenting.naming

- 32’46” –       The struggling cycles of currents     –    updownnorthsouth:      The OuterInner lace          DOMINANCE and ARTICULATION     ACCENTS    ,   ACCENTS and WINDS       or,   reformed      conjunction.    QUICKER           silvering the globe.       Tin Tin your eyes.



ADAPTATION _ Movement II   (37’:55”)


     Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 20.31.24    DSCF6923



- 12’:40” –     GUIDED    VIVID     Assumptions      Repeat and :eventually :  Confirm      : anyone’s glory _  probable:       :imitative   mimetic:       :epidemic:           prophylactic                   Intentions and contradictions                    inside      farfrom     e-scape

- 15’:50″  -   PERFECTION     ut   SATISFACTION   _     Howling at the Garden of Souls  _  the empty-theatre denies Responsability. Architecture   tense senses,        but never reveals.            MND the   consequence.         Be(r)(in) the consequence.                                         N ature is Ar chitectu re              Nat_ure is A rchit ec(x)ture(peat(y)        Nature is (for) Architecture       Nature for ARCHI-TECTURE                Nature in   Architecture   NATURE aS Architecture         NOturing is Architecture           Neeture is notmo’ Architecture      Serendipity and synchronicity.                   PULSE    dears,   PULSE.

- 25’:42” –  Transcending,    Refresh -Cohesions        .        The Star promenade.     PLACE and names.    Work  Blurr  PROJECT (in/an/on)                                          The pacification process,     T   MIND IS ONE      feel the synthetical monophony      A new place COexists.      A new PLACE PACE                                 Th’ community Wants: ITS PERPETUAL Voice:                         :AWE WEEE A WEA  A and >>   perpetual Interrogation.  GRACE  GRACE _        to the place of Pace and haven of RACE     ITS Disgrace.

The ONEtranscendable limit?            OPTIONS. STOCKTRASHSPLASHGRASP     sleeping paradox… l…  CLANS are SANDS

ALL is     Relational   Warnning(x).        AT LbEAST:    Complexity/RELAX/narrate     Hypno-renaissance : the time someone  :     adovocated to listen       to listen              to listen:

star(T_ash) audience   star(Tell_dislike) audience   star(Tall_like) audience   star(Till_or) audience   star(Toll_whose) audience     star(TU_pear) audience                             star(Tissfinite) Andience(s)

                                  light, be lighter to the UnInaudible



METAMORPHOSIS _ Movement III    (50’:29”)


20150918_151340      The RomanticObserver


- 00′:00″ –   Articulation AS DE-STRUCTION          distraction: sign  in  on  at  the form,            design  a post in-form            still resistances  / divisions

// oblivion  =  SINGING POWER    _ Alert, we are looking    for     multidimensional SINGERS.        WILD and FUZZY,     ?

,substantially   mutating inwhile   their voicing         :inside and particular:       still charity? _ average defense _                  conspiracy recto-spinal   grade   of     inside in the outside                                      metaphoric poverty _          _ in   SINGING POWER

- 27’:15″  -   A new animal – extensively a LAND from Ascape:      is           s eemingly     alive      :and:     will winter inter-further-self    regenerated:  set:   password:         stubborn categorial ! selector.                   sign the form, design a post-form         sign the form,        design a post-form         sign the INform, design a pAst-form      selector


- 34′:39″  -  CHASE it       ?uniform desire?            de-sire   siurrrree:  :  :           !PpleaseEee!     LEARN at least 3 accents in a life time  ._.  IN GRACE we lived and died for.        Consider  [then] lesson#1:  time is an illusion. Synchronicity It’sIts parody.   [then] lesson #2: WE                 HAVE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ABLE TO MAKE WORDS as WORLDS,   consistent as ALIVE:    BEL(ly)IEVE    IN (u)ordinary   SUPER POW(d)ERS_          a gArden of illUsiOn _  rElational  in-sEnse  _      RETOrical _     if  agarden(ing) or/host ilu(r)sion _  rel_at(e)ional  in-sense  _ SMELL, ELSE, SELVES


Welcome WALLCOME (or)     to the   gentle   graceful     en:lighten       GO_LEM_:LED:_:LEADs H EATH  MATH MoM In Is.

Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play Play_Pray SPACIAL Pray_Play




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