Absolute Eroticism _ live _ demo action



Absolute Eroticism – live performance.


Music Performance: Riccardo Betti

Video design: Francesco Taddeucci

Sound & Visual data: Lorenzo Brusci




Absolute Eroticism is the name of a recent project Lorenzo Brusci, together with graphical designer Marco Veneri, is leading through the radical relations between light, color, sound and pre-semantics.

The performing facet of Absolute Eroticism sees the involvement of music perfomer and finger drummer Riccardo Betti and the visual designer Francesco Taddeucci.

The performance takes 2 directions:

a MonoPerformance action – 1 performer – and a TriPerformance action – 3 performers.
In the MonoPerformance action, Riccardo performs a realtime metacomposition based on an optimised sound database Lorenzo precomposed, accordingly modifying the visual flow and its luminous and chromatic processing.

In a TriPerformance, Riccardo and Lorenzo metacompose in realtime, acting on the same sound database and accordingly editing and processing the visual flow. Francesco edits and processes the visual flow and accordingly modifies a nonlinear soundscape articulation. The TriPerformance action resulting in a 6 audio channels (2 per performer) and 3scopic visual space (1 per performer).




For more information,        info@lorenzobrusci.com






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