Absolute Eroticism – flow previews – part I

Absolute Eroticism is a visual and sound project Lorenzo Brusci started in 2015.
It’s dedicated to explore pre-semantics perceptual states through the generation and observation of abstract visual/lighting/color forms and their wider and expressive relation to sound composition.

Its applications range from installation in outdoor and indoor spaces, via projections, video screenings and physical printings, always site specifically and immersively designed.



“This Youtube channel – Lorenzo Brusci on Youtube - is mainly dedicated to “Absolute Eroticism”.

A research on visual (and sound) presemantics.

The state of the videos is still rough. I often improvise the visual flow inner relations and rarely postproduce the coordination to music articulations, being the first person to be trapped in a multi-referential game of abstract images flows and their multilayered relations to music.

Another and more traditional application of it can be found at

The project “Absolute Eroticism” regards the domain of presemantics: intuitive, expressive and pragmatic strategies to refer an abstract flow of images or portions of it, to any level of symbolic construction, all happening inside a formal video screen and within a music timing.
In this experiment you will experience fixed media and audio-visual stimulations, though already inside MUSST – thanks to MUSSTDESIGN.com partner Simone Conforti – we developed a real time spectral inter-media manager able to coordinate sound and visuals and make choices that are visually and (soon) sonically consistent.
At this stage, using the collection of videos on YOUTUBE, you could do the project a great favor collecting your reactions, following some or all of these wide topics:
1) when an image from the video flow hits strongly your imagination and referential intuition, would you point out a more predominantly semantic field where the association is more likely to be grounded in?
2) Is the music intensifying the visual exploration to the flow or is the music of any help in grounding the abstract impact of images?
3) how long can you continue watching, 1, 2 or more series in a row, before coming to a saturation?
4) Is multiple visual portions and frames on screen suggesting any narrative construction/deconstruction? Is it perceivable as a time-based dramaturgy ?
5) Do you report any afterimage effect? If yes, with which colors and in which series?”.


The Crying Land


If I met you 200 years ago


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