team leading at Land Works Circus – ARNOLAB 2017



my precious team of soundscapers at ARNOLAB 2017.

Landworks Circus


Solidarity Strategies. ARNOLAB. Landworks Circus 2017

Many are the ways to contribute to the human singularity 


I was team-leading on the Arno river with African refugees, international students and professors, local citizens, and various institutions. A new format to exercise on global community building.

“The border: a state of mind We should all overcome.”

Borders explicitly express human natural attitudes to subdivide memories and potentials.

Dividing is for humans structural and essential, biologically and clanistically wiring strategies to pragmatics and control.

Ethics under an extensive and global idea of justice is the alternative.

The Radical Right to a decent life. The Radical Right to personal development. The Radical Right to actively contribute to an inclusive world.

Justice is not an option, it’s an evolutionary necessity.

Our Sound Spatial performance at ARNOLAB explored the River as the constant flow of solidarity practices and creative experiences and rituals.

Persons from Nigeria, Mali, Senegal, Lebanon, Armenia, Italy, Syria, Mexico meet and share skills and wishes, believing the act of Sharing and Creating is the model that drives our dance into a Wider Ecology. The value of this workshop is to be a living guide for active policies once constantly driven and implemented, could change forever the way we define and pre-judge migrants and diversity, and their deeper strategic meaning.


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The Performance

The Process:

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