A sound tower in Lviv (Ukraine) – Vox Electronica 2018

Sound Tower. TheSymbolicCityClock
A singingDoor to the reversibleCity.
sound installation, performance, illusionary urban design.
Lorenzo Brusci, 2018
The Sound Tower. TheSymbolicCityClock.
12am - 12pm
Every hour the sound tower will sing A song for the IdealCity
It is true
It’s always tellingAndSharing, SharingAndCreating, CreatingAsChanging,
The ritual of furtherAndNever.

Symbolically makeable mutable transfigurable inclusive MultiHistorical

Physically unlimited ultra-located non-competitive re-open NaturallyReversible.

The UltraPlaceTellerSingingDoor
Articulating a new-natural-language
We will Be WhileSinging
The Live-performance
7pm – 9pm
An immersive sound ritual
exploring symmetrical music contradictions and extreme perceptual definitions of space and community.
Special liveSinging EtherealGuest  - Eva Khalil



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