composing and soundscape designing for Aleksandar Đuravčević, Selinunte

15 May 2019 – 16 September 2019, Hera Temple, archeological park of Selinunte.

Art Exhibition: Are you my mother?

Curator: Ysabel Pinyol Blasi

Artist: Aleksandar Đuravčević

Music composer and soundscape design: Lorenzo Brusci

Đuravčević designed 3 columns, clad with iridescent reflecting surfaces.

Brusci designed a sonic column, upward emission. The music and soundscape piece belongs to Brusci’s ambient design technique and lasts for 78 minutes.


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The Hera Temple sound installation.  Aleksandar Đuravčević, Lorenzo Brusci.


img_1134 img_1140 img_1141 img_1145 img_1148 img_1153

photographic re-work by Lorenzo Brusci





Aleksandar Đuravčević, Lorenzo Brusci, Salvatore Bonincontro Puglisi.

Photos by Nino di Maio


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