SansBrassArchitecture, Perferi, Falsini, Capanni, Brusci, Timet 2019

SansBrassArchitecture, MenSpace&TheMachine.

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A discourse on Music and Narration, where the living-dramaturgy of brass literature and music practice inspires my electroacoustic research on symmetry and ensembles, mostly virtually aggregated and post-produced.

Niccolò and Andrea’s improvised articulation and interplaying skills, counterpointed by Francesco’s melodic intuitions, lead my metamusic design.

The result flows through a shared and agreed granular storytelling, centered on the widest and critical meaning of Technology within Nature, Illusions, and probabilistic Ethics.

Hey AI -If- The ApeVerse -OnA- BioExodus -Repeats- 9/11 (in CentralDark) -NoMatterAny- MoonLanding -Or- UltraModern Times -WeWillBe- CrossingUp The WorldSquare -InAn- Augmented Promenade

Exercising on crossmodal storytelling.

LB, September 2019


1_ Hey AI
2_ The ApeVerse
3_ BioExodus
4_ 9/11 in CentralDark
5_ MoonLanding
6_ UltraModern Times
7_ CrossingUp The WorldSquare
8_ Augmented Promenade
Niccolò Perferi _ Tuba Improvisations
Andrea Falsini _ Trombone Improvisations
Francesco Capanni _ additional Basses, Vocals and Synthetic Melodies
Lorenzo Brusci _ Metacompositions, Sound Design, Production

Music Composition by SBA, All Rights Reserved.



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