gli SMATERIATI _ Nardelli Altilio Brusci Trio

Nardelli, Altilio, Brusci _ gli SMATERIATI (dematerial) _ TIMET 2019


Mirjana Nardelli, improvised electronics
Francesco Altilio, improvised electronics
Lorenzo Brusci, improvised vocals

Recorded at Valter B. Neri, Montevarchi (ITA).
Mixed and slightly edited at Timet Studio, Montevarchi, Scicli (ITA), between June and September 2019

All music by Mirjana Nardelli, Francesco Altilio, Lorenzo Brusci

Produced by TIMET

“Thinking, among others, to Carmelo Bene and Demetrio Stratos,
if-ever-could-bePossible to morphuse their shadows,
right, their shadowyDance”.



“All tracks have been preserved as they were improvised, on July the 3rd, 2019, at Valter’s studio.
Lorenzo cleaned the tracks and levelled the reverbs on the voice; some electronics was gently tamed by Francesco and Mirjana;
but substantially, the album tells the story of an improvised session dedicated to music theatre, text and sound abstraction, instant music making, physicality of electronics, memory and sound, virtual-spatial recording, the space of electronic music, the non space of non-temporal music, ….”.

M, F, L, October 2019
“The adventure in electroacoustic music
is the exploration of the gradual and inexorable disembodiment of music and its societal rites,
leading to the active creation/construction of their ultra-bodiment.
this meaning “we-the-involved” are aiming at the composition of a novel type of musical gestures and acoustical perceptions,
undergoing a deep mutation in all linguistic/extralinguistic references and dramaturgical landscapes, from text to melody, rhythm to harmony and height, from spatial diffusion to temporal frames (…).

As decayed symbolists, aware of their nudity,
impoverished by the excess of horizontal-synchronicity
- saturated matter saturated references saturated values saturated thinking -
we, and many with us, started searching,
through-and-in our technology-driven music-crisis,
longing for new architectures,
where finally mirroring our fluid-mindscapes;
thus necessarily generating new symbolic matter, for new references and new further and more accelerated synthesis.
Symbolic Experimentalists, as ancient geographical explorers,
should be taken in the highest consideration:
they will define coordinates for future inhabiting,
the hybrid-being (or-not)…”.

“…Mirjana and Francesco have a structured access to a pure gestural music radicalism: fruits in the desert, as artists always assumed their mission to-be”.

Lorenzo Brusci, Montevarchi, Scicli, Krakow, 2019



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