continuing the “intimate/public harvesting and offer of new/meta MusicScapes”


since the lockdown, I adopted 2 strategies, mainly on Bandcamp:


1_dedicating music to friends, my mental theatre, accompanying me now as before; inspiring and being inspired by friends, from all over the world,

often or rarely met, now as before… with so many already experiencing a very intense virtual life, symbolically driven…

Mainly metacomposing on pop or classical pages, defacing, transfiguring them, referencing or hiding blocks and parts, meeting or betraying expectations…






2_establishing new compositional collaborations (with Pietro Scardino, Dariusz Mazurowski), consolidating old compositional collaborations (Heinz Leib), like conversations… well, in a mature virtually-intensified world, conversations would symbolically be traceable compositions, especially if the awareness of their forms over time resembles more the shape of a dynamic housing than of a traditional music piece (…).




stay tuned…



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