Peter Stickland, Lorenzo Brusci, Kind of Blue Planet




“Peter dear,

thanks for being hosted in my musical thinking.
Is this musical world free and alive as we want humans to be?

You taught me there’s so much more, always and beyond,
no matter if we only clumsily feel and sing a glimpse of that totality. ”

Lorenzo Brusci


“Vocalese in Jazz tradition is where a songwriter lyricises non-vocal jazz by finding syllables and vowel sounds that accord with the pitch and tone of the instruments. The complex sound/words follow the melodies and rhythms of the instrumentals and finally become songs. In this manner, I lyricised the album Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. Lorenzo then took the sounds that my lyrics made and converted them back to instrumentation. Here the two forms are played together.

What Lorenzo did is significant, because it is the first time anyone brought the process full circle. ”

Peter Stickland


released April 20, 2020

All lyrics by Peter Stickland

All music by Lorenzo Brusci

- except for explicit or implicit tunes flowering&flowing from Peter’s improvised chant.


All rights gently shared and offered for beautiful future projects.


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