Mediterranean Challenges, feat. Aleksandar Đuravčević.

the source of ethics
is collective remembering while individually transfiguring,
exploring all the implicit and explicit alternatives,
nostalgia flurrying as we were never one,
in order to be the future
our natural multitudes deserve (…).”

In the Balcan cosmology,
I discovered Montenegro, its lands, mountains, waters,
a door to the same very unknown Mediterranean fluency,
I happened to reconnect and explore, again and again,
excited like watching inside an augmenting glass, convex, diverging, refractive, burning, concave, smocked, multifocal,
till tossing a humble hand to its vibrating heritage.

Sascha caro, you told me once,

“I want to sell all and go to my homeland, and live in a cave…”
I made that cave resonating.
Lorenzo Brusci, 15 May 2020







Mother, the Offer, the Process _ re​-​articulating as freeing oral sources




Ethnosonography, the transfiguration project _ MONTENEGRO


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