More Piano Works, on discrete scores and other digital memory tricks



Pressure Piano Present _ a Béla Bartók​-​inspired Habitat

stay in silence
while the architecture self-generates, hyper contextual, impersonal.singing is not
the only constraint
that comes with
attention – the horizontal effort to share, indistinctly.vertical exploration
nourishing shadows become ambiences,
where nurturing
proliferating habitats -survival being, explicitly autonomous aggregates,
and unknown to us
in order to be organically successful.

Thanks Dominika cara, for sharing your generative-intensity, once again.

Lorenzo Brusci


released on May 20, 2020virtual piano, Lorenzo Bruscishadow pianist, Dominika Peskoall music by Lorenzo Brusci, May 2020

Overall Methodology

“Dominika shared piano interpretations of Béla Bartók, recorded during her Phd researches at the Krakow conservatory.
I picked up for this album the 14 Bagatelles and the Rhapsody for piano, Op.1
I converted all in midi and reinterpreted the flows, letting Dominika’s interpretations stay linearly or semi-linearly underneath, as a shadow,
a constant call, living access to the original material,
still material, airy prosodic consistency,
maintaining and healing my sense of belonging,
during the entire process,
expanding the orchestral-spectral (sensation of) depth during the development of the entire virtual-piano work”.

Lorenzo, 20.05.2020



Inclusive Modeling #1 _ living piano scores for Soloists and Habitats to come


Inclusive Modeling.- creating space, spatial instructions, logical permutations,
for others -
in which sense?
For further-happenings.Making spaces for others,
offering space and gestural ingredients
to make new spaces possible -The Ethics / Aesthetics game,
At the pace of ultra-modernity.

Relational, Intentional, Generative.

Ecological demand.

Extending the aesthetic-geography of value -
all is a matter of searching for the unlimited value.

This should be enough reducing human competition bias, shouldn’t it?

The romantic, comprehensive, generative way,
It is back,
This time including all living creatures.

Let it then flow, go away and maybe way far more,
Drop the fight with alternatives - do not pose the threat, once again,
reposing,  again, the dispersive way of dialectical antagonism,
its devastating biology;
Just embrace all.

Be-in the dance of difference and proliferation.

Find creation, where destruction has always come.

Host, and Diversify.

LB, 12 May, 2020

released May 12, 2020Music by Lorenzo BrusciDrumming, AI Drummer IMPRO BEAT,



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