Music Like Nature, Coltrane For Lovers, feat. poet Peter Stickland


Coltrane for Lovers, Music Like Nature


Coltrane for Lovers is the title of a posthumous compilation album by John Coltrane. It was released on January 23, 2001. Its tracks were recorded between December 1961 to April 1963 for Verve Records.
In this project, Peter Stickland changed the lyrics of the original songs and then adapted these new lyrics to follow the phrasing John Coltrane uses when playing his saxophone interpretations. (with some license)
He added an extra song – Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye – and created new lyrics for the instrumental ‘After the Rain’. The lyrics were inspired by the poem ‘True Love’ by Wislawa Szymborska.Original Song List New Song List

Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye _______ Ev’ry Drop of Pounding Rain
My One and Only Love ___________ Singing in My Dreams
Too Young to go Steady ___________Crazy, But It’s True
In a Sentimental Mood___________ Small Things Make My Day
It’s Easy to Remember ___________ The Weight of Regret
Dedicated to You _______________ What’s A Life Without Spring?
You Don’t Know What Love Is ______ We Don’t Know What Loving Is
After the Rain _________________ How Is True Love True?
My Little Brown Book ____________Why Must I Stand and Fight
Soul Eyes ____________________ The Eyes
They Say it’s Wonderful __________ The Spin
Nancy (With the Laughing Face) ____ Her Smiling Eyes

Peter Stickland sent his vocal recording of the songs to Lorenzo Brusci who then arranged them into jazzy expressionism, ultra-modern and passionate.
The new lyrics become in Lorenzo’s hands a music metaphor machine, full of direct sound processing, interactive arrangement pipelines, and impro-style live electronics.
New instruments, same old storytelling, and performing tricks.

Enjoy our process.
Please, share your thoughts,
this music is a compositional and poetical sharing platform.

Peter Stickland, Lorenzo brusci, London, Montevarchi, May 2020

officially released on May 6, 2020Lyrics and tunes, Peter Stickland

Music and production, Lorenzo Brusci / TIMET

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