Quite Linear Pop Books (vol.1)



Pop Book, Vol. I


PopBook is once again an active observation of wide, global minds-synchronisation processes at stake, year after year, through content and production simplifying tools.

Popular culture is expression and -
at any self-aware defining/heuristically manageable level, either as micro/macro groups, geographical or psycogeographical systemic entities -
it has to deal with mythology making and synchronisation of-and-for wide human groups, creating and consolidating political and social trust and reliability, with all possible connected rituals, institutionalised or antagonistically, exemplifying the apparatus, or pragmatically, any-instrumentally-phasing necessary counter-apparatus.
Heroes, models, aggregation, micro-macro stability, programatic and trustable change mechanisms, schooling, till as usual, anything looses control over control and steadiness, peace and passion…
Extended culture / Popular culture is a case dramaturgical case of functional/random aggregating solidarity strategies.
Temporal categories sound here a bit superficial… but, it’s a matter of saturation and dedication, once you specialise yourself in a specific symbolic form, you simply experiment with its temporal decadence way far too fast to appreciate consolidation, you just want to anticipate danger and the pleasure to succeed in coordinating others to the ideal scenario, in all their unlimited entanglements and bonds (…).

- PopBook(s) – now Vol.1 – will try to handle the historical category of linear deranging/complexity making, adding into poor and redundant cognitive aggregates active and often-realtime limited variations.

“…a sort of comparing and practicing score-based sound processing and compositional/re-compositional strategies (medium time/quick music action) to an ideal real time reader/listener/dj-like music interpretation (short time/responsability assumption/instant construction/action)”.

Fast instant enjoy, as much as I did – may be not: deconsolidation risk:
This is not a Pop Album.

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