Con Septic Opera _ with composer Andrea Marinelli


Con Septic Opera


Andrea’s thoughts on the project:

- “Ho fatto una antidescrizione in controcondotta cioè il vuoto che si riduce al piano e alla voce.
E’ un’idea, vedi se ti garba se no ammazzala.
Cheers, Andrea -

Lorenzo Brusci and Andrea Marinelli meet under the ear of Dionysus. They take a non-linear musical flow by absorbing and releasing fragmented vocal materials. In this album they osmoticize the relationship between analogue and digital by confusing plans, blurring them. They pursue a compositional idea as extemporaneous as it is calibrated. They shout the stream, they slaughter it, they move continuously, back and forth, they forget, and ultimately they come back to the piano and the voice, at last.
This is a piano and voice album, art last.


Andrea Marinelli is a musician and visual artist, he catalyzes guerrilla albums, border music, plays live electronics, guitars and vocals, writes to erase and rewrite, creates fragile artworks based on light, reflection and transparency. SECRETSHOW and Skreen 2020 are his audiovisual performances. He brings digital music to kids by taking their expressive abilities beyond the line.


released February 19, 2021

All music by Brusci & Marinelli

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