Ageing and Other Illusions, non-jazz




Ageing and other cyclic illusions, for meta​-​piano and various electronic agents


Jazz and classical scores, jazz-non-jazz thinking, derived or reconstructed, plus expression effects, plus randomisers, arpeggiators, transition conditioning, side chaining, implicit singing, referring, hiding, exposing, cross-quoting, actually reinterpreting or logically meta-playing, widely decontextualising:synthetic interpretations by a vivid digital music action tend to combine mature post modern listening culture – the “thinking like making” practice – with a currently very well grounded synthetic practice, the technology-driven new gestural music practices;

it’s not only a matter of potential imitation, it’s a matter of gradual distancing, intentional transfiguration, among all possible abstract states, choosing a dynamic and still modulable capacity to refer, exposing methodological processes, aiming at accelerating the awareness of the synthetic pace.

Is fast and fluent non-specialistic music complex determination a value by itself?
Is the convergence of thinking, listening and creating, inexorable?
What does it stand for?
A metaphorical attitude, a symbolic acceleration, for anyone, is a constant provocation for augmenting once’s own stylistic utterance, immediate average individual’s empowered style-making capacity:
assistive practices imply an acceleration in individual-centred value creation.
An anti-fashion statement,
arguing fashion inconsistency to set up and project a wider human collective development front for deeper adaptive strategies, from the ecological to the micro-macro cosmic challenges ahead.

Hard to prove I’m wrong. This planet lacks alternative value-making mythologies.

In about 3 days music these pieces came together,
I’m a no-pianist, I’m a limited-skills musician.
I’lm just acting like willing being a highly experimental and diverse music-maker, person who speaks and think in music forms.

Opening doors, ways, for average music speakers to enrich their expressive vocabularies.

You will take it from here,
ask for any source, it will be a pleasure to share.

Lorenzo, 30 December 2020


released December 27, 2020all meta-instruments and music by Lorenzo Brusci

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