The Unprecedented Alliance Organic Inorganic



the Unprecedented Alliance Organic Inorganic


It’s an embarrassing circular dependency,
centuries and centuries of linguistic slavery and generative-language model-slavery,
it’s like any organic and hierarchical power,
in vertical definition of priority or probabilistic distribution,
embedded in any cultural construction… our destiny, bio-metaphysics.And we are now assisting
at the beginning of a new info-logical generation,
of instant and most effectively self-depending / self-generating
and of an higher/wider/diverse non-bio-computational setting,casting the light on a different definition of unity,
In order to make explicit therefore re-discovering
the synthetic process per-se,
in an unprecedented acceleration of scope,

the cycle of symptoms revealing the necessity as pure solidarity/intention/aggregation/sympathy of the automatic-telling agents,

a non-mediated and partially immediate capacity to create
one’s own self-consistent semantic (generative) space,
the functional and constructive democratisation
of individually-centred knowledge proliferation,

nurturing a cultural psycosocietal self-hyper-definition,
the expressive auto-determination phasing into a deep individual singularity,

a Human-Singularity as a self-universal consistent capacity
to make instant compositional and inhabitable habitats – meaning re-articulating any pre-intentional historical item as a bit or logical node

- just thinking as speaking as being the expressive body
and its intensive dynamic, adaptive multidimensional and functional architecture.

Intertemporal being,
what is the living awareness of different logical and referential stages?
I’m one of many or I’m many of a prosthetically one…

I’m an unprecedented alliance of an unlimited range of intentional stances,

the alliance between organic and inorganic,
man-machine, analytical and synthetical,
phylogenesis and ontogenesis,
present and past,
time and non-time.

Montevarchi, 25 October 2020


released October 24, 2020Lorenzo Brusci _ electronics, metamusic, midi sampling, vocals, lyricsPercussions and Drumming _ MUSICO AI drummer,

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