African Offer, African Stride, feat. Tozim Zima


African Offer, African Stride


Tozim amico, Zimbabwean Bird,

we spent amazing time shaping and mind-mapping an idea of education, for the children of  Zimbabwe; now, we know that the children of the world need to express the same wish, a desire-frame where belonging and learning are processes of fantasy and experimentation, connecting all senses to the very moment of feeling the community as the Living Us will never be reduced to an instrumental scarcity or locality. Exchanging, mobility, intertemporal and inter-local responsibility, it’s … an exercise, you need to learn and belong, before anything else. (…)

“Tom, dear, fables are places, and places are myths. This is true for all our imaginary life, the large part of our life as organisms. The remaining part strategically trapped into fear,… tell me a story you used to tell when you were a little boy, let’s make music out of it…”


How syncretism and cross-cultural mechanisms, make symbolic life an intertemporal ethic-machine.

How pain and sorrow, make us the torchbearers. I feel Mediterranean, I feel African, I feel what any living thing feels.

Lorenzo Brusci, 1 July, 2020


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