Unreal Talks in Piano Forms



Unreal Talks in Piano Forms _ piano sessions, June 2020


A sort of beauty filtering, in sound action;

how from a non-specialistic attitude to an instrument, though suggesting ideal targets, it is possible to inform and enforce an idea of music over a computational instrument,

under a certain architecture of variously autonomous/randomised actions.

Beauty making,

from a sterile ground, a fertile one is available, playable, growable.

Unreal Talks, to the extent of being abstract enough not to require a human presence to be said, but the memory and the shadow of the human intention who could have been playing the piano forms they come with.

Lorenzo Brusci, 2nd of  June 2020.


released June 2, 2020

All music by Lorenzo Brusci

rhythmical structures, assisted by and composed with IMPRO BEAT,
AI Drummer,  www.musi-co.com


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