The Intimate Multiverse, feat. Zima, Marchi, Đuravčević,



the Intimate Multiverse, human​-​singularity mode


Alternating wide-cloud-orchestral thinking to individual narrative mechanisms:
Sascha (Montenegrin),
Rocco (Italian),
Tozim (Zimbabwean),
Lorenzo (Italian – linguistic references, conditions,
anti-geographical by definition and passion

critical inter-groups, in the region of absurdity – risk proliferation – coincidental open questions:

what is intimate, what is singular, what is human, in a future actual-making awareness.


sub question: how a centuries old human would see us, as robots? Advanced bionic, prosthetic-based-distributed sensitivities and intelligences (…).


LB, May 2020


released May 8, 2020

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