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Lorenzo Brusci – visual and experience design _ Federico Galatolo – blockchain design - PerseusNetwork - chapter 2


SYMBOLIC HOUSING in NY _ for the exhibition “My Home Your Home” _ Monira Foundation
_I’m an informational ecologist,
I do give great importance to digital inhabiting and experience design, and computational assistive strategies to improve and accelerate humans’ creativity.
Inhabiting the symbolic, the informational state, the phygital realm, already widely happens.
We are walking around with small tvsets in our hands, bending our necks as under some kind of torture, in order to manage a limitless amount of derivative logical identities and related info-behaviour (…).
Actually, we are all building the symbolic world, day by day, almost insensibly.
However, it’s still missing a communal definition and sensitivity of what a symbolic architecture, a private and public symbolic house is:
it requires a dynamic and courageous though inexorable redefinition of what we call reality.
The active relational and experience design and the overall physio-logical boundaries of the symbolic state have to be widely thought, consciously shared and experienced;
certainly it cannot be a question of stealing or diminishing individual’s contributions, each one’s value making/building intuitions, what is now called “data”, info-actions, phygital relational practices:
they are all a communal value making that has to be nourished, promoted and defended, and mostly accelerated, in the awareness and aesthetic radicality necessary to establish new horizons, geographies, and skies.
Each human can contribute to the expansion and consistency of the symbolic world. The arts and sciences, paradigmatically have shown and show the way.
Last but not least, we assume that Symbolic Inhabiting will be limiting any ecological reductionism, containing the excesses implied by traditional material practices of occupying and exploiting “the space” on the planet.
“Symbolic Housing in NY” is a prototype of multi-ownership aiming at the incremental use of the arts – the inclusive good – to enlarge our diversity and value making strategies,
without continuing looping inside the arbitrary and hyper selective “material scarcity game”,
the disastrous practice at the core of the physical impoverishment of the fundamental condition of all:
the stability and predictability of climate and inhabiting conditions in planet earth (…).
__The Perseus methodology for “Symbolic Housing in NY_My Home Your Home”
How else, at the current state of the relational-value tracking&rewarding practices, to find a metric and an active promotion of symbolic life as a collective and open system, if not designing a blockchain (https://perseusnetwork.com) fully dedicated to recognize the art event as an experiential and communitarian process, able to change your life and open up a new intensive world of alternative perspectives and learning landscapes, making explicit the ecology behind all the arts: expanding the awareness that we all are time and space-builders.
At the end of my “My Home Your Home” time window,
all digital activities prescribed by the instructions written on the Gallery Window, will be granted a shared and co-owned NFT,
immutably validating your new digital-home-in-NY.
Lorenzo Brusci /PerseusNetwork
Monira Foundation

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